Joesph Francis Carver

A washed up drunken S.W.A.T. sniper


Class: Fast
Race: Human, Caucasian
Sex: Male
Age: 36
Height/Weight: 6’3 193LBS
Side notes: Can hit a dime from 100yds with a sniper. Is an alcoholic.
Current date: Dec 20th 1999

Current XP: 100

Wealth bonus: 7
starting cash: $7000
cash made today: $1000



(class skills: balance [dex], craft mechanical [int], drive [dex], escape artist [dex], hide [dex], Knowledge current events, pop culture, streetwise [int], move silently [dex], pilot [dex], profession [wis], read / write language, ride [dex], sleight of hand [dex], speak language, and tumble [dex]. )

occupation skills: intimidate, knowledge tactics.

point spend area:

intimidate +2
hide +3
move silently +3
All knowledge +1 to each except Current Events (-3 points in all)
drive +2
profession +1
tumble +2

Disable device +1 (-2)
concentration +2 (-4)
investigate +2 (-4)
navigate +1 (-2)
search +1 (-2)
research +1 (-2)

Simple Weapons Proficiency (class skill)
personal Firearms Proficiency (occupation feat)
Attentive (feat point)
Far Shot (feat point)


Joesph F. Carver Log #2044, Day 3028

The C.P. decided that I’m “unfit for duty” because of my recent drinking. Stripped me of my rank
and fired me. Right in front of the squad. WELL FUCK HIM! If he hadn’t assigned me to that
fucking mission i wouldn’t be in this position. Fucking bastard. hope he rots in that shit
smelling hole he calls an office… I need a fucking drink… and a strong one…
(after this the writing become illegible and slurred.)

SGT. Carver. Log #2043, Day 3023

It was a simple fucking Mission. How could i fuck it up so badly… This bottle is just about the only friend i got now, my wife left town, she thought i did it on purpose. Fucking bitch. Its not like i saw the kid walk out into the fire zone, i couldn’t see him god dammit… i couldn’t fucking see him The gun looked real enough, his description matched the targets. I saw him point the toy at a woman,
i couldn’t risk it god dammit!… I’m going to need another bottle of whiskey before the nights over. God fucking dammit.

SGT. Carver Log #2042, Day 3020

This is going to be a cake walk. Keep surveillance on the target, and if he pulls anything take a shot. What the fuck does McKerran take me for? Some kind of lucky shot? Fucking prick. Anyway, The target is a Black Male, Approximately 5’ 10, weighing at about 165 pounds. His Bio is pretty fucked up. 2 cases of murder, 3 of rape. One case of arson. Apparently this guy’s parents weren’t good enough to him, so he just snapped eventually. Poor fuck

CPL. Carver Log #063, Day 106

Holy shit i never thought I’d be picked out for a S.W.A.T. Team! I guess they liked my skills with the rifle. i got assigned to Delta 4, 1st squadron. I’m their eye in the sky. Pretty much I just take pot-shots at the guys from the rooftops. Shouldn’t be that hard for me to do. I’m a crack-shot. guess those hunting trips with Mallory finally paid off.

CDT. Carver Log #021, day 30

Last day at the academy, I’m pretty excited! There’s rumors going around that I’m gonna get picked out by a S.W.A.T. team because of my skills with my dad’s old rifle, but i can’t say I’m excited. I was pretty content with just being a desk jockey. Special Weapons and Tactics is a great organization, but I’m not really sure if that’s something I’m interested in doing. I can shoot, yeah. But i don’t think
i could shoot a person…

Joesph Francis Carver

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